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Give More 24! is a 24-hour call to action to get online and give! Hosted by the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington, Give More 24! is the largest giving day in southwest Washington created to help local nonprofits raise unrestricted funds, connect with new donors and receive training and support on storytelling, marketing, donor engagement and stewardship.

Over the past five years, Give More 24! has empowered local nonprofits to raise more than $4.5 million dollars in online donations from generous individuals. The online giving day runs from midnight to midnight each year and encourages southwest Washington residents to support their favorite causes by donating to any of the participating nonprofits. Last year, 155 organizations participated and encouraged donors to help them win prizes and fulfill matching funds. By midnight, contributions exceeded $1.3 million thanks to 3,697 donors.

This year, Give More 24! is September 19, 2019 and dedicates the day to inspiring our entire community to be generous. allows your business to create a unique page serving as a "one stop shop" for employees to join the excitement of Give More 24! By creating a free business fundraiser page, you can share information about your corporate philanthropy programs and encourage employees to donate to participating organizations.

Whether you already give year-round or you’re ready to get started, Give More 24! easily compliments your business’s giving efforts. This Business Fundraiser toolkit was created to provide you with tips and tricks to make your business campaign successful, authentic and engaging for your employees.

We have included campaign ideas and communication tools to help you spread the word about your involvement in Give More 24! You will see sample social media posts and emails to get you started. If you have questions or need any help getting started, feel free to give us a call – we’re here to help!

Together, we’re creating social good and changing lives, making southwest Washington a thriving place for everyone. We can’t wait to #GiveMore with you!

Questions? Contact Ursula Arlauskas,

Let’s Give More!

  • Your campaign can be as simple or elaborate as you can make it.
  • You don’t need months and months of planning to create a successful business fundraiser.
  • Get creative! Give employees kudos and share their giving stories with your online networks to showcase their generosity.
  • And a little friendly competition never hurts – compete with similar organizations for an extra layer of competition.
  • There are many different ways to build a business fundraising campaign – all that matters is that it’s authentic to your company culture!

Get Started

  1. Register by contacting Ursula Arlauskas ( by September 2nd to receive a link to create your business fundraiser page in a few easy steps. .
  2. Assign a point person or a small team of employees who are excited and ready to lead the charge
  3. Use our tools to create a plan that works for you and your organization’s capabilities and goals.
  4. Implement your plan and make sure you communicate the giving challenge to your employees in advance.
  5. Remind employees to select your business’ name from the dropdown menu when they make a donation online.
  6. Watch the Business Fundraiser leaderboard and celebrate the generosity you have inspired!
  7. Questions? Check out this helpful support article on how to access and edit your Business Fundraiser Page.

Now let’s get to planning: Tips for success!

  • Visit to familiarize yourself with the online giving platform.
  • Set a company goal! Examples: 100% employee participation, X total amount raised; engaging X employees to give, or being top of the leaderboard.
  • Email your employees to “save the date” on September 19th with Give More 24! details.
  • Learn about who is participating. See if your company’s favorite nonprofits are "in" at
  • Decide if you plan on matching donations or remember to share information about your existing matching gift program.
  • Integrate Give More 24! promotion into other giving activities you’re already planning.
  • Get your employees excited by announcing your participation through social media, special email and/or your newsletter. (Timing of communications and sample posts and emails to follow in this toolkit.)
  • Remind participants about prizes, the giving day leaderboard and matching opportunities. If you are a Give More 24! sponsor, be sure to highlight your involvement with your employees.
  • After September 19, pat your team on the back and say ‘congratulations’ for their participation and the positive change they’ve made in the community. (We will give you instructions on how to pull a giving report closer to the day.)

Besides a few communications and blasting social media…what else?

  • Host a Give More 24! donation station on site in your building.
  • Set up a Give More 24! watch party where employees can stop by and watch the leaderboard, give and socialize.
  • Encourage some friendly competition by coordinating with other business fundraisers. Or keep it internal by dividing employees by department or office area. Track competition results at and share team successes across the organization.
  • Involve senior leadership or executives. Can they provide a challenge, match or do something embarrassing (wear a chicken suit to work, shave their head, etc.) if you hit your goal? The more fun and engaging you make it, the more likely your employees will get involved.
  • Share the giving stories of a few employees to encourage participation.

Let's Get Social!

This day runs on Social Media! First things first, be sure to:

page5image3879040Like us on Facebook: & Tag #GiveMore24

page5image3899424Follow us on Twitter: @GiveMore24; Re-tweet #GiveMore24 content.

page5image3844544 Follow us on Instagram: givemore24 Post photographs and content on Instagram using the hashtag #GiveMore24

Just a few things to remember:

  1. For Give More 24! logos and graphics, posters, printables:
  2. Always use hashtag #GiveMore24 and tag @CFSWW (Facebook) or @GiveMore24 (Twitter)
  3. Create your own or use an existing internal hashtag.

When and what should I post?

3 weeks out - When you sign up as a business fundraiser!


  • We are part of @GiveMore24 this year! We can’t wait for 9/19! (image)
  • A little can go a long way when we get together and give together on September 19 for #GiveMore24! We can’t wait!
  • Will you be part of #GiveMore24 on 9/19? We are so excited to be a business fundraiser and supporting the southwest Washington community. @GiveMore24 #GiveMore24
  • We have made a commitment to giving back on #GiveMore24 on September 19th! It’s going to be a BIG day for southwest Washington! (company/employee image or video) Join us!
  • We are excited to not only sponsor @GiveMore24 this year! But our employees will be giving too! We can’t wait for 9/19!


  • We are thrilled to be part of #GiveMore24 on September 19th, a 24-hour day of giving to support nonprofits in this area. Stay tuned! @GiveMore24 (photo of employees volunteering)
  • We are thrilled to be a sponsor of #GiveMore24 on September 19th, a 24-hour day of giving to support nonprofits in this area. Stay tuned! @GiveMore24 (photo of employees volunteering)
  • Do you know what we will be doing on May 3rd? Participating as a company in #GiveMore24. It is one day dedicated to shining a light on the social good in this community. We can’t wait! (photo)

September 1 – September 12


  • Mark your calendar for the coolest day of the year, September 19! #GiveMore24
  • Countdown the days until #GiveMore24. Our employees are ready – are you?!


  • Mark your calendars! Giving back has never been this easy. On September 19, employees can donate to more than 100 local organizations #GiveMore24 (Image: Save the Date)
  • We are only 1 week away from #GiveMore24. Every dollar, no matter the size, counts!

Day of Give More 24: September 19th


  • Today is the day! Let’s show everyone how generous the southwest Washington community is! #GiveMore24! is here and we are ready!
  • You have 24-hours to give to #GiveMore24! Don’t forget to choose (your company name) at checkout!
  • Have you donated during #GiveMore24? Our employees are rocking the giving!
  • Wow! Our people gave $______ today! #GiveMore24. Every dollar is changing lives.


  • Let the countdown begin…24hrs to be the most generous you can be! Let’s see how much we can change our part of the world in just 24 hours!!
  • You have 24-hours to give back through #GiveMore24! Our employees are getting in the giving spirit (photo of giving spot or employees)
  • Our company focuses on improving our community by investing in (nonprofit sector/ cause area). Some of our favorite nonprofit partners are participating in #GiveMore24 this year on September 19th! (insert photo of nonprofit partner)


  • We are excited to share that (your company) will be matching employee donations during #GiveMore24. Find your cause today on

Sample Emails

The following emails offer an idea of what you could send to employees and stakeholders to get everyone excited about Give More 24!.

If you are a sponsor, insert:

We at (your company) are committed to Give More 24!, not only as a sponsor but as a Business Fundraiser! That means we’ll be encouraging our employees to give to the causes they want to support on September 19. Follow along with us and other local businesses at as giving back to southwest Washington is celebrated!

August 1 - August 15

SUBJECT LINE: Are you ready to be generous? (your company) is ready to #GiveMore24

September 19th is dedicated to unleashing our generosity at (your company) and support more than 150 nonprofits doing the good work to make this community a vibrant place for all. It is the day that southwest Washington will come together for Give More 24! and we are excited to be participating.

What is Give More 24? Produced by the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington, it’s an annual day of online giving that happens every September. Last year, a whole bunch of people like you and me gave $1.3 million to support causes that are important to us...but we can do more! This year the goal is to raise even more for programs and services that support families, children, seniors, veterans, animals and more.

Your donations to local nonprofits made on will be boosted by (your company). (your company) is offering bonus dollars as an incentive to give (describe how your matching program works ie: dollar for dollar, up to a certain amount, etc.)

Excited yet? So here’s how you can participate:

  • Find your cause! Visit to explore nonprofits serving our community.
  • Make your gift starting on September 19th at 12 AM. Remember to select (your company) when checking out!
  • If so inclined, commit to a nonprofit and become a fundraiser for them. Info about that also on!
  • Mark your calendar! Add to your google, ical, or outlook calendar. Remember to invite your friends!
  • Spread the word! Let your network know about this important (and fun) day and be sure to share who you are supporting. People love hearing that stuff.! And don’t forget to use the hashtag #GiveMore24 to join the conversation.

Let’s Give More together!

For questions about Give More 24! and how you can get involved, please contact (company contact).

Best regards,

(company contact signature)

September 10 - 17

SUBJECT LINE: Final countdown to the day that changes lives!

Just one week (or 24 hours) from today on September 19, we will all come together for Give More 24! and we need YOU to join in the fun and generosity.

Be sure to select (your company) at checkout.

IF MATCHING INSERT: Your donations to local nonprofits will be amplified by (your company) for those 24-hours. (your company) is offering bonus dollars as an incentive to give (describe how your matching program works ie: dollar for dollar, up to a certain amount etc.)

Last year, southwest Washington raised $1.36M in just 24 hours! Let’s do even more! Help (your company) make a difference in our community by giving on Give More 24! AND spread the word! Share your giving story.

Visit to start checking out the local nonprofit organizations participating this year. You can even schedule your gift TODAY!


For questions, please contact (company contact).

Best regards,

(company contact signature)

Thank You Email

The following email offers an idea of what you can send to employees the next day!

SUBJECT LINE: Look what we did!

Thank you for being a part of the big day, Give More 24! and helping so many people in the process.

More than ______ employees came together to raise over $________. These important funds will ripple through the area and more importantly changing lives. We did that --together.

We are so fortunate to have you and thank you for supporting our neighbors and the community.

Thank you for sharing your love, being generous and supporting your cause!

(your name)