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Prizes are awarded at the discretion of the Give More 24! team. Nonprofits may win more than one prize. All prize amounts will be distributed throughout the month following Give More 24! via check from the Community Foundation directly to the winning nonprofits. Only online donations made on September 22 from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. at will be considered for prizes which means prizes made during the pre-give period of September 12-21 are not eligible for prize consideration.

DEFINING PRIZE TERMS: We use donor data to authenticate a "unique donor" in order to track the individual making a gift rather than the number of gifts or "donations" made by that single person. For example, a donor could give five separate "donations" to the same nonprofit, but they are still only recognized as a single "unique donor."

For questions regarding Give More 24! prizes, please contact us by email: